HRP 2013 Kit List

The good, the bad and the ugly..........

Neither of us are ultralight in our approach to hiking but we recognize the need to keep weight to a minimum whilst maintaining a level of comfort and safety with which we are both happy.

Nick's Gear

  • Rucksack - Granite Gear Leopard AC 58 (1500g+) Comfortable generally, medium waist belt too big by the middle of the trip, too many straps and buckles every time you needed to get into the main bag.
  • Sleeping Bag - Feathered Friends Osprey UL (730g) Light , warm and full zip gives plenty of venting options. I have used this bag a lot but I'm not sure its wearing as well as my Jo's Western Mountaineering Ultralite.
  • Sleeping Mat - Exped Synmat 7 UL M (460g) Light,warm and comfortable.
  • Tent - Golite Shangri-La 3 (1830g) Really like single pole tents, used trekking poles instead of the supplied pole, upgraded pegs and guys, a great space, and its yellow!
  • Stove - MSR Reactor 1.7ltr (480g) A fantastic stove in any conditions, especially when the weather means you really need it, BUT compatible gas canisters are not always available without long detours making it a heavy useless lump in your pack.
  • Water Bottles - Schweppes 1ltr tonic bottle (40g) Great, Platypus 1ltr folding bottle (34g) Good although more difficult to place in pack side pockets, Nalgene 1ltr wide mouth folding bottle (62g) Rubbish leaking within days.
  • Water Filter - Steripen, we have an untreated stream fed water supply at home so are fairly relaxed about most mountain water, wanted to like this system but seems unreliable and fragile.
  • Phone/GPS - I-Phone 4S with Viewranger and custom Pyrenees mapping. The system is awesome, as are the guys at Viewranger to deal with, great backup when you need it ( the Spanish mapping isn't that great)
  • Camera - Sony RX100, love it (350g including spare batteries and case). Only problem was it resembled a bar of soap in my shovel hands, nearly cried when I dropped it for the final time.
  • Solar Charger - Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus (420g) It is an extra lump but it kept phone and camera topped up fairly easily.
  • Boots - La Sportiva Raptor Ultra (700g pair) Awesome,they grip anything,comfortable, supportive, stable and cool. However you have to accept wet feet, which takes some getting used to and more careful foot management. They also need replacing after about 500 to 600 miles.
  • Crampons - Kahtoola Steel (650g) Not always necessary depending upon the year but these are bomb proof for the weight and can be fitted to anything from running shoes to boots.
  • Walking Poles - Black Diamond Alpine Carbon, the benchmark.

Jo's Gear

  • Rucksack - Gregory Jade 40 (1600g) Rather heavy but extremely comfortable.
  • Sleeping Bag - Western Mountaineering Ultralite (840g) Comfy, warm and long lasting.
  • Sleeping Mat - Exped Synmat 7 UL M (460g) She says "so worth it"
  • Kitchen Sink - Sea to Summit 10ltr folding bowl (160g) This thing is magnificent, water for camp, clothes washing and a bath rolled into one!
  • Boots - Asolo Tribe GV. Fantastic fit for fairly narrow low volume feet and wonderfully long lasting, winter and summer, peat bog and mountain.
  • Crampons - Kahtoola Steel (650g) She says "brilliant security when needed"
  • Walking Poles - Black Diamond Alpine Carbon, Easy bombproof and comfortable to use.

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